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How to prevent Facebook Account shutdown - and not loose your data

How to prevent Facebook Account shutdown - and not loose your data

We have listed the top ways to ensure your Facebook account isn't shutdown - specially if you are running an online business through Facebook.

  • Always Use Business Manager ( - very easy to get started here. This tells Facebook that you are running a genuine business
  • Multiple ad accounts can be created with Business Manager
  • Each of your accounts should have a different payment source
  • Avoid using Paypal as a payment source
  • Establish a positive record of good standing and ad spend with Facebook
  • Delete any ads that have not been approved
  • Position your ad compliantly
  • Ensure you are compliant with FB terms and policy and visit them often
  • Ensure your ad has low negative feedback or low relevance score. Better to stop that ad.
  • Your ad is clear about your intentions
  • No personal characteristics of the user, i.e: “hey John, it’s your anniversary and i’d love to give you...” no ‘ideal’ body type (no before and after photos or suggesting that someone’s body type is not ideal) no sexually suggestive ads (nothing provocative or using sex to sell) 20% text rule (make sure that no more than 20% of your ad contains text of any kind, including your image)
  • No make-money ads, dating ads, gambling, sex, or any other ‘grey’ areas (
  • If your lander is going to ask for an opt-in, the ad should say so right up front. there should be no surprise for the user once they click on your ad as to what they will be experiencing next
  • No claims No unrelated/ misleading images
  • No ‘illegal’ ad components
  • Clear intentions on your landing page
  • Display reputable business elements on every landing page
  • Full business address/contact details, business name, business logo, disclaimers, links to your privacy policy and terms of use, as well as any other pertinent legal information specific to your industry
  • No misleading mechanisms
  • Landing pages can not have any pop-ups, pop-overs, pop-unders, or auto-playing video or audio and should give people more than one option to click on
  • Direct relation Landing pages must clearly and accurately reflect the product or service being promoted in your ad and must be directly related to the ad headline and description, not only will this increase your conversion/action rates; the congruency will also allow for a more user friendly experience.

Please visit Facebook TnC regularly to be aware of the policies - that are updated every now and then. As Facebook advertisers increase, so is Facebook also evolving and updating their ways of working.

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