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The proof is in the execution, not ideas

Start-ups: The start up culture is catching up across the world. We have plenty of them. Really plenty of them – and many of them quite awesome, mind-blowing, never thought of… and investors go crazy over them and put millions – however here are few things to watch out for.

These times are great times for entrepreneurs. One has technology, internet, resources, customer trend data and ideas – access to almost everything . All available and investors flocking at the sight of this great idea, one kid has come up with. The issue is there is 100% idea, and 0% results or proofs or execution on ground. Any idea how difficult that is?

Out of 100 ideas only 1 or 2 see the real results expected at the beginning.

Many times investors end up burning up the money because they got sold to the idea completely. There were no real cash flows, no real evidence of data, no evaluation of competitive landscape. For the kid then it really becomes significantly easy compared to 5 years back to raise his first round. There are plenty of investors looking around for the next investment.

To prove a point, take Uber. The concept of Uber already existed in another name of course, but it is Uber which became the master that it is today. They had to see through all those initial troubles, mafias to get to where they are.

The key problem for the investor is should you invest in the horse or the jockey?

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